Life Gone Wrong

by Landscapes



released January 18, 2013

Recorded and mastered by Neil Kennedy @ The Ranch Production House.



all rights reserved


Landscapes UK

British Modern Hardcore Punk.
Frome, Somerset, United Kingdom.
Formed: 2010.
Released the EP 'Reminiscence' in May of 2010 on Broken Night Records.
Released the Album "Life Gone Wrong" in July of 2012 on City Of Gold Records.
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Track Name: CEMETERY
I captured slow life and know it well like the back of my broken hands. We accept our solace cloaked as friendship gripped by time and modern man. A liar holds a fractured posture that says it best when
nothing at all. Graced in patience and blessed with fear, scratching at my door. I can feel there's movement after fading grey and silence pass. Like a shadow losing contrast as the night crawls over last. But
life is surrounded by flowers in bloom, slowly dying, age is cursed and I’m trapped in a dark oak casket driven by a hearse. My eyes are filled with the years of regret, I can't take back.
Track Name: NO.LOVE
The morning rise, earths suspended state as it turns on it’s side. I can see the comet fade and the fear in me subsides. I often wonder, as the abyss above me, seems deeper at night. Is there another me
somewhere staring back up to my eyes. Am I less of a man if I broke down and said I couldn't be on my own. Or is sincerity lost and being alone is a friend I've come to know. We stepped along the moonlit
bridge way glorifying a nostalgic past. So for every dwell, that's draped in black, if this is love, I'm taking it back. I try to survive the rapture waking up alone in the dark. Even if I try to keep it together, I'm
still falling apart. I’m falling apart. I was searching for closure, shut the final door and turn to face the cold. If it gets any deeper I'll be digging a shallow grave. Waking up, has never been the same. I'm still
afraid of change, I'm clinging on to the past but every goodbye you whispered was supposed to be your last. I've become the wrath, consumed inside of my head. This deciduous mind I'm forgetting I've come
undone. We're all waiting to die scared to death of dying alone.
Track Name: D.R.E.A.M
Sometimes I wonder to the back of my skull. Where there’s fields of fire and every shadow's still chasing me home. I whisper softly to myself to just forget these dreams. I'm laying dormant barely breathing
under endless sleep. The faint reflections of myself I’m calmly staring back. Into the void of clouds dressed in black. Mind locked from the inside, my vacant soul. Open the night and swallow me whole.
Cause in the waking hours. Distance Rules Everything Around Me. At the edge of existence beyond secluded streets, holding face value over my empty grace. I'm still reaching out, holding on to my own. I
pull my collar up and stroll into the dark, sanity doesn't seem so far from here. Solitude is so lonely in this crowded room, cold shoulders at night will make you winters own. I'm afraid I can't turn back time
and scared to show the wounds that I hide. Emptiness has deprived my dreams cause distance rules everything around me. Distance rules everything,
Track Name: DISDAIN
Knee deep in static and smoke as I walk the road, it's so dangerous and yet I did it again. You felt the price of pain, like there was no shame if this is the answer, I'll do it alone. It seemed forever since we
shared this air I couldn't breathe it on my own. The certainty of death is true, I understand. I try to contain myself, holding back without bleeding through. I could see your rain for miles, but still I don't see
you. Only a broken body with a saddened face, those sun faded, greyed out eyes. Sheltered from the cold, in whispers of remorse, do you still lie awake at night?. I know I said, this might sound crazy, the
sun is gone, it's never coming back. Death awaits no man, endure this pain. Death awaits no man, You'll never see this face again. Down in the coldest winter, I'm still standing alone, and I could tell by the
city street lights, death awaits us in the shadows, untold.
Show me a reason to feel this invincible, the heavy rain could feel less incredible. When I'm soaked to the bone, and still, I'm so alone. For all these dreams that take a hold of my life, hold my head, submerge
me into the night. Communicate, without the use of speech, I'm seeing visions, I haven't slept in weeks. I'm finding stars, I thought were city lights I'm searching sunsets, accepting lonely nights, To find my
own so long ago. If this was timeless, if only I could change time, beneath the world. You hang my eyes to the sky. Be still my darling, they're only coming for me. The echoed silence is still beckoning. It's
still beckoning. That weightless notion that carries my soul, the open sky can only lead me home. I stay awake to feel alive sometimes, but close my eyes, to say I’ve seen the light and if only, I could be that
someone, you used to know, I used to know.
I cradle my father as he falls to his knees, he felt that burden of upset that always hangs over me. Even I know forever’s so long when life won't wait. Subdued to the years for all our last of what’s left he said
the judgement of sorrow will make a man of you yet, so I'll be standing by whilst all along you waste away. It takes the courage to suffer he said you can't even see, he saw the man stood before him that he
once used to be, speak your mind, even if your voice starts to shake. I put my ears to the ground and listen out for the rain, I can hear the thunder call from memory lane. As it all starts crumble, I still wonder
what tomorrow will bring. So hang your head, and carry the weight of the world, like the day it was burned, with trustless eyes. Just hang your head, and carry the weight of the world, like the day it was
burned, with trustless eyes... And try to forget. I hear there's presence of spirit when trying hard to believe. But how can you put your faith in something you've never seen? Cause when you die you just die,
over everything said, will you lie to yourself or will you know that your... So hang your head, and carry the weight of the world, like the day it was burned, with trustless eyes Just hang your head, and carry
the weight of the world, like the day it was burned, with trustless eyes... And try to forget. Just try to forget. I know you’re trying to forget (I know you try to forget) I know you try to forget
(Just try to forget) So close your eyes, embrace the coming of age, sing me back to sleep and just fucking forget.
Track Name: EPILOGY
Do you remember the life we had? It swept beneath my feet and wrapped around my head. It resembled my frame of mind with nothing better to say. I was leaving it all behind to resonate through the years
and crush me day by day. I could feel it pull break neck speed to say my last goodbyes.The discontent to let everything go, hanging over my head like a noose around my neck. Cause you're not all that
different, over everything. We're not all that different, after everything. True hell, is life, gone wrong. So looking back at these dreams, slipping down through my sleep, I couldn't tell you what the fuck was
even happening to me, I counted rocks on the cliffs as I fell down to the sea, I could feel it all slipping away. I float on slick black water paralyzed neck deep as I drowned in sleep, like Ophelia's last hour,
unaware, drifting.
Track Name: PARADOX
This world can't leave me, while this world won't fall. I'm trapped and unhinged, I still feel the same. Spoken foundations on a promise that soon I'll change… Oh how I wish I could change. I lean against the
steady breeze pillar wind, fists tight, among a thousand saintsI catch a carrying whisper, of secrets picked up, from what I left behind. But like the book that weighs you down I'm bound with leather skin.
A broken spine and missing pages, a lost key lock with no way in. I was naive to presume I could just shake it off, or make it stop Cause when you think about the things you had there’s a pressure of what
you lost. But this world can't leave me. This world won't die. So this is my end it seems, this is the fall enhanced with weight handwritten in faith, a paradox beneath a sea of stars, They're taking me back
when nothing fell to this earth, nothing fell to this earth. There is only a handful of time so I'm kissing regret goodbye. Cemetery.